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About Us

Marlo & Cole is the home of creative, comfortable and unique gender-neutral babywear.

Supporting UK makers and families.  All Marlo & Cole products are designed, printed and manufactured in the UK.  By bringing together some of the UK's most exciting designers and experienced clothing manufacturers, our ambition is to provide UK families with attractive, conscious and low-impact clothing.  Inspired by the arts.  Marlo & Cole clothing is inspired by the modern arts and the artists we love.  Can you spot the references in our latest collection?  They might not be instantly obvious, but give them another look and a little time, and soon you'll see the meaning and story behind each carefully designed creation.

Fashion has changed.  The world of children's clothing is evolving and we aim to be part of the solution.  Working strictly to a gender-neutral, eco-friendly and sustainable ethos from production to packaging, the result is high quality, stylish baby and toddler clothing you can trust.  By no means are we the only brand to be doing this.  We're lucky to be part of an ever-growing collection of progressive brands which are changing the preconceptions of gender in clothing.  To be part of this movement is truly exciting!

Limited editions.  Each of our designs will be produced once - when it's gone, it's gone.  Why?  Firstly, we want each purchase from Marlo & Cole to feel unique and special.  Secondly, we don't ever want to send any products to landfill.  Unsold textiles often end up being disposed of without having ever been worn, and we don't want to add to that problem. So, our aim is to create fewer items and ensure that all go to homes that will love their purchases as much as we do.  It just makes sense that way.